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1.     Can you tell us something about yourself?

I was born in Ocna Sugatag, but I live in Sighetu Marmatiei. I teach history and social sciences, and in my free time  I am also a poet.

2.     Who are your readers? Why do you write?

I write so that some special moments don’t go by as if nothing has happened. I hope I will be able to enjoy those moments sometime in the future. I write for those who are sensitive, who have time for the poet. I write for those who understand our words the same way we do.

3.     What are the main themes of your poetry?

Loving, giving, special moments and going through them.

4.     Do you think people can live from culture in Romania?

We all live from culture if we consider civilization as being „culture in action ”. If you refer to making a living from culture, they say you cannot. But I wouldn’t know as I am only an amateur poet.

5.     Do you write on paper or on te computer?

On the computer. I had a hard time giving up my pen. We were as one. With my computer we are still two tolerant strangers.

6.     Do you imagine life without poetry?

When I was in the fifth grade, my teacher told me I was „poet material”. That’s enough to answer „no”to this quesion.

7.     A few words about you as a person..

Some people say that I am an angry man, a troublemaker, which pleases me. It means that I once were calm and tolerant. Affectionate. Attentive to reality and to my reality. It would have been great to have commited myself entirely to one field, either being a teacher or a poet.


1.     How did you learn this craft?  

Being born in a family of peasants, we had a loom in the house, as well as needles and other sowing materials. I learned this craft form my mother when I was very young.

But I came to understand the difference etween true art and kitch when I became a students at the Popular Arts School. I learned that, in order to be a true artist you have to read a lot, as well.

2.     In your art, do you use only traditional elements?

In the begining, when I was a sked to be part of a project, I tried to combine traditional element with more modern ones. But people didn’t appreciate it. You can’t fool people, and it’s a shame to mock our traditions. Art should be kept the way we received it from our ancestors.

3.     Would you like to transmit what you know to the young generation?

Of course. I used to teach at the Popular Arts School, where I had girl classes. I tought them many things about this craft.

Now, I’m an artisan. I work with beeds and make necklaces, bracelets or ornaments for the folk costume. I have noticed that the young generation considers this art to be unfashionable, somehting of the past. But I fiind it also relaxing, as I work a lot when I’m upset.

4.     Why do you pursue this art?

Because I like it and it has offered me great satisfaction.

5.     Are tourists interested in it?

Very much so. You can’t fiind things like these in their countries. Many of them want to learn to make things on their own. I remember, a man came tom y stand during a festival and told me he wanted to make a necklace for his girlfriend.

6.     Have you participated in many fairs and festivals?

I got o such events, in the country, every summer.

During my visits abroad, I have also received authenticity awards, from different juries (in France, Germany, Jordan and other countries).

I have noticed that foreigner appreciate this art more than Romanians. There are many artisans in our country, maybe that’s why, the people in Romania can’t differentiate between true artists and fake ones.

7.     Do you have competitors?

I have never been afraid of the competition.

Where can we see your work.

Everywhere in the world. There are people calling me up, saying that my work is beng shown on T.V., that some famous person has just bought a piece of my work. When I made a traditional boy’s costume, I didn’t know it would end up to be worn by the grandson of King Mihai.

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