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This project is intended to promote intercultural values in the larger, European frame. Thus, we want to promote the local values of different countries in Europe so that our students become aware of the cultural richness surrounding them, whether in their country or in neighbouring countries. Our motto "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" illustrates perfectly the need to know other cultures. People have rich and various traditions, customs, values so it is important we become acquainted with them, considering the fact that the European Union supports interculturality. Each school will present the cultural variety and historical richness of its region.
 The reason we wanted to start this project was to make people aware of our cultural and historical inheritance on a national and European level. It is essential to understand cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe so that we can maintain it for the future. A solid understanding of our own culture and identity could be the basis for an open attitude and respect for the diversity within Europe.

At the same time, we have the motivation to enable teachers and students to learn about other countries and cultures, and to learn how to live in common Europe. An international project of school cooperation really brings a new European dimension into life of schools.

We would like to experience the feeling of being together with colleagues and mates from various states of Europe and to share experience. We want to create lasting relations and friendship between schools from different countries and cultures. People are naturally curious. We can partly satisfy this need and have a good time.

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