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Main » 2012 » March » 21 » PERSONALITIES IN POLAND
6:13 PM

We don't live in authoritarian times, although there are many people we respect.  Maybe the abundance of celebrities is the reason why we don't have many aspirational leaders.  On the other hand we don't lack moral, intelligent and capable people.  In such cases we obviously have oiled mechanisms which help such people.  The oil itself is missing, but there are more than enough connections, cosy arrangements and scandals.  This is no coincidence, given the times in which we live, and the place we live in.

Let's be objective - our country is not good at accepting new personalities.  The Polish love to complain and criticize others (which on the one hand may not be a bad thing, because we like to regard ourselves as a ‘thinking nation’).  We don't accept everyone with open arms.  There are big differences among us as a nation.  People who are accepted by one social group will be criticised by others.  I don't have to mention the ‘green-eye’ of jealousy which makes us pull down people from high pedestals.  We cannot deny that.

The Polish are very proud of some citizens.  We were very united by Pope John Paul II.  At present the person who is extremely well accepted and respected is Jerzy Owsiak, who is the creator and an organiser of The Great Festival of Help Orchestra. The whole of Poland will take part in that charity event, which aims at helping sick and disabled young patients.    

Unfortunately, I must say that recently some voices have been heard criticising Owsiak; but do we lack criticism in Poland?  I think I have to mention that there were times when there was a growing demand for aspirational leadership; the best example of such fact could be the 1980s.  Lech Walesa was the symbol of Solidarity and the struggle with communism, but eventually, after his previously unknown past was revealed, his popularity declined. There are not many so-called aspirational leaders, who are that way regardless of their political or religious views.  In many cases such leaders appear when they are necessary.  Taking into consideration individual philosophies, everyone relies on others.


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