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Main » 2011 » February » 21 » Made in Azambuja
3:35 PM
Made in Azambuja

We are going to write about the handicraft in Azambuja.

In our region there is an old tradition about tauromachy so a huge part of the handicraft is related to this art. Most of these things are made of leather. Almost all the things that are used by the bullfighters and that are used to prepare horses are examples of what is done with that material.

 Nowadays, the handicraft work is not very used in our region but we still have tile painting and decorated tableware made of clay. All of these things are made by hand.

However, in the past we were very rich in terms of handicraft.

 The wicker baskets, the pottery, the embroidering and the tanoeiros (people who make barrels or pipes) were very usual.

These types of handicraft were an answer to the daily needs of the population.

The wicker baskets were used to take the food to the men working on the fields and to collect the grapes and other fruit during harvest.

The pottery was used in the everyday life of the population, in the kitchen, in the fields, to get water from the fountains and to keep it fresh.

 The embroidering was also used at home and in the traditional costumes. People used to dress up on Sunday to go to church and wore embroidered clothes.

The Tanoaria is an old art that developed along the shores of rivers in Portugal, especially in places related to wine production. Most barrels are made of oak and the longest the wine remains inside it, the better it will taste. This activity dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. There are still Tanoeiros  in our region, but not as many as there used to be.

The shops which used to sell most of these objects are now closed because Azambuja is not a touristic place and young people are not much interested in this subject.

Like young people that we are, we don’t know much about this so we had to search for information about it. We based ourselves in the information that was given by old people who have a larger knowledge than us.


The Portuguese Team

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